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Look Fabulous in Trendy Faux Fur Vests

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    Faux fur vests are probably one of hottest fall fashion trends this year. And why not? It’s an easy way to infuse casual staples with elegant glamour, or get a guarantee of warmth you just can’t get from an average layer. They are fun, timeless and come in all kinds of styles – from chic and sophisticated to funky. But take heed: they are also rather tricky to wear. If you’re not careful, you risk selling your clients a trendy, hot style in exchange for what some say look like wild, hairy beasts (yikes!).

    So while Luxi is on the hunt for these trendy fall pieces, here are a few tips to help your clients get the faux fur vest trend right: 

      • Fur vests add bulk to your frame, so pair it with something that keeps your limbs looking lean.
      • A sheared fur with a big fur collar is slenderizing than all over wooly fur.
      • Wear a fur vest over your favorite black dress and add high boots to look extra fancy.
      • Pair a classic striped shirt with a fur vest for the perfect casual chic outfit. 
      • A fur vest is jazzy enough on its own, so make it the focal point of your outfit and DO NOT over accessorize.
      • A brown fur vest looks so effortlessly chic with an all-black ensemble. 
      • Pay attention to where the vest breaks on your body. The vest should stop at a slim part of your figure, not at your widest.
      • Cropped styled vests are universally flattering.
      • Never mix faux furs- if your jacket is furry, stay clear of mixing another faux fur on your boots or hat.
      • Avoid pairing fur with animal prints– you didn’t buy the zoo!

    Whether you throw a vest over a tunic dress for a night on the town or add it to leggings and boots for running errands, the versatility of a faux fur piece lends itself well to the everyday lifestyle of on-the-go women. However, body type is the most important factor to consider when shopping for fur. It’s important not to add bulk, so keep in mind your body type, the length of the vest and make sure it’s proportional to your body.

    With that said, it's no surprise that faux-fur vests are back in style. This year there is no loss of variet-- from multicolor patterns and solids to fringed, cropped and long cuts. Just remember, a faux fur can either look really awesome, or really hideous. It all depends on how you style it.

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