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How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

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    It’s that time of year again – yes, fall, autumn, whatever you call it. We love this time of the year. The freshness that begins to take place in the early morning, the cold yet energizing air that settles after sun set, and of course, changing inventory from summer frocks and tunics to cozy sweaters, jackets and autumn dresses – it’s time for a cappuccino in the park and a few good tips on how to transition into 2016 fall fashion!

    DO try the beach-bag thing
    Who says you have to place your summer accessories in the back of your closet? Go ahead, sport your neutral beach bag as an everyday carryall for that basic fall outfit.
    Do add tights to summer and autumn dresses
    As you transition into fall, don't take your favorite summer frocks out of rotation! Try throwing on opaque tights under your pretty dress for a fall put-together ensemble.
    DON'T let layering get the best of you
    Layering is the perfect strategy for extending your summer faves into fall, but keep it simple. Make sure you have no more than three levels of layering going on.
    DON'T bare your midriff
    Are you wearing a jacket over your fave summer midriff? Take my advice. Just DON'T!
    DO start wearing fall hues
    Just like the those changing leaves, as you transition your wardrobe, start choosing fall signature hues like orange, red, rust and ultra-pretty mustard yellow.
    DO layer, but keep something bare
    Pile on the layers to keep yourself comfy during those fall wind gusts, but keep some skin exposed, too; besides the look is subtle and sexy.
    DON'T be a walking peep show
    Avoid overexposure. Start transitioning from summer semi-sheer fabrics to chick solids and crisp jackets. Fall tunics, elbow-patch blouses and lace-embellished sweaters will help you transition to colder weather in style. 
    DO combine chunky knits with floral prints 
    When sweaters and skirts are combined, they make for an unstoppable season transitional pairing. Try combining a waffle knit cardigan with a floral midi skirt for an elegant look. Or, a textured moto sleeve jacket and floral midi for a more edgy look.


    It’s time to say farewell to sweet summertime midriffs, tanks and sheer tunics, and say hello to cozy and lovely autumn fashion. Enjoy that cappuccino in the park and have fun mixing it up with all that fall fashion 2016 has to offer.

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