You’ve seen the ripped jeans for a while. The look comes and goes. But it’s been around for a good five or more years. Okay, let’s be real: it’s been around since about 1981. However, it really has gone mainstream. That said, the look is not for everyone.

We suggest:

  • If you are older than 30, tread carefully with the ripped jean look, but it IS being embraced by more than just teenagers. If you are older than 35, really and truly think this trend through! That said, I’m on the hunt for a pair, you know with just a tiny bit of distressing. And we know a handful of women who can rock this look beyond 50. You know yourself. Do you have some of that rocker vibe? Then do it and hold your head high—just consider less distressing and fewer holes as you age. More of a Lilly Pulitzer gal? No worries, but this look may not work for you.
  • The whole patched denim thing … it’s not as enduring as the distressed denim look. And it can look childish.
  • For a look that everyone reading really can do well with, consider faded denim. As in really faded. Add this to your dark jeans and white jeans, and you are set with three distinct looks as we head into spring.
  • You want some distressed jeans without holes? Fray the hem. You can buy them this way, but they are hard to find without holes. To DIY, just cut off your jeans to the length you want them and pull on the hem, loosening the threads. Then wash and dry them to really bring the fraying out. Street fashion has been leading the way with this look for the last year or so.
  • Bedazzled jeans had a few nods on the runway. But those ones with bedazzled back pockets hiding in your closet? Don’t do it. This continues to be a very dated look. (I’m sorry. Truth time.)
  • Overalls? I’m not even going there.