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The LA Fashion District is Where Fashion Happens

Recent economic data shows 80% of the Los Angeles Fashion District is comprised of wholesale-related business: buyers, retailers, manufacturers and designers all gather here to create a synergy that has become synonymous with LA fashion. Luxisocool is proud to be a part of this LA fashion synergy, and having daily access to literally thousands of the hottest fashion trends here in LA and from around the world is why we can deliver great wholesale fashion at discount prices to our customers.


The world looks to Los Angeles and the LA Fashion District for trends that influence the way the world dresses. In fact, the LA Fashion District is now bigger than the New York fashion industry and is an essential destination for those in the fashion industry. The District hosts five market weeks a year, including textile events and tradeshows, and has over 2,000 independent wholesalers and various apparel marts dispersed throughout the 100-block district.


Hidden away in wholesale designer showroom buildings of the LA Fashion District resides some of the world’s most high-end, contemporary fashions as seen on the pages of fashion magazines and film. Our global image as the ‘lifestyle capital of the world’ comes primarily from television and movies that thrive on the California way of life. Los Angeles and Hollywood is the quintessence of California living to most of the world and it beckons those who wish to create a brand identity or a lifestyle look.


LA County is considered the high-end denim capital of the world and enjoys national leadership in Apparel, Leather Products, Textiles, Beauty/Makeup and Skincare. It also ranks #1 in the Wholesale of Apparel and Accessories (Source: Top fashion brands with a corporate presence in LA include Forever 21, Karen Kane, BCBG, American Apparel, Guess, True Religion, Lucky Brand and Joes Jeans. It's also home to some of the top fashion education programs.


If you're a fashion retailer, etailer, or boutique owner looking to update your merchandise, Luxisocool can offer LA brands and today's fashion trends at discount prices. Our team of experts search hundreds of the latest trends from apparel manufacturers and designers here in LA and from around the world. Check out our themed fashion packs and discover how purchasing designer clothes has never been easier!


May 19, 2016 by Ryan Ninow
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